It’s OK for us to say that even Labour get it right occasionally

It may be tempting, in the face of shoddy behaviour, to simply dismiss every utterance of a modern-day Scottish Labour politician as irrelevant. But those in the Yes movement would do well to remember the strategy endorsed by Michelle Obama: “When they go low, we go high.”

Here’s what I learned about America and guns from cruising the Caribbean

My American cruise companions may have lived in quiet suburbs or gated communities where they felt safe, but the presence of guns – in pockets, in opaque backpacks, in homes – means a vastly increased risk of them being murdered, or accidentally shot, compared to people in the UK.

Time to face facts: we can’t stop kids from watching porn

A big problem with trying to create legislation around pornography is that most people really don’t want to talk honestly about watching it, especially not to the Government. Most parents also don’t want their children watching it, even when they’re over 16 and allowed to have sex themselves.

Young people are ripping up the rules and creating a new kind of politics

I SUSPECT many readers of The National will be able to pinpoint the moment when they became pro-independence. Upon hearing a barnstorming speech, perhaps, or reading a powerful polemic. Many perhaps imagine the “don’t know” voters of Scotland can be swayed to the same position, if only they could have the same kind of transformativeContinue reading “Young people are ripping up the rules and creating a new kind of politics”