Women must not be silenced in the debate on gender identity

When it comes to the current consultation on reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004, it is women who MSPs are finding easy to ignore. Specifically, women who believe that if the state decides the word “woman” has no objective meaning, then statistics will be skewed, protections will be lost and children risk being seriously harmed.

Is it really the job of schools to pump out work-ready youngsters?

WERE you “work-ready” when you left school? Did you hit the ground running in your career of choice, or did it take you a while to find your niche, build up skills and confidence, and figure out what you really wanted to do? If you went on to college or university – the route chosenContinue reading “Is it really the job of schools to pump out work-ready youngsters?”

Let’s ring in a new year of kindness to strangers

I consider myself to have a very particular set of skills – skills I have acquired over a long career in finding-and-not-keeping. I once phoned a chap to arrange collection of his wallet before he’d even realised he’d lost it, despite neither his landline nor mobile number being listed within it.