Cat Person shows it’s not just elderly folk who are desperate to connect

NOTHING makes you feel old like reading a story you’ve been told “everyone” can “totally” relate to … and then realising “everyone” actually means those whose entire adulthood has featured broadband, emojis and hundreds of free texts. Or rather, a female subset of them who spend a lot of time on Twitter.

But while Cat Person, the New Yorker story by Kirsten Roupenian that went viral this week, is very firmly set in our technological age, it has plenty to say about the near-universal desire to connect with other human beings. The longing to share confidences, private jokes, trials and triumphs. To feel that somewhere, on this planet of nearly seven-and-a-half billions souls, is someone else who really “gets” us.

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First published in The National on December 15 2017.


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