There’s no point attracting tourists if local infrastructure isn’t up to it

It’s simply not possible to please all of the people all the time. But if we’re to keep attracting more and more visitors, and in the process boost our economy, we need to be honest about where we let ourselves down.

Eleanor Oliphant is not fine – this book is dangerously irresponsible

This is a book about a character who is part of one of the most marginalised and misunderstood populations in society – and it perpetuates a number of harmful myths.

The idea of jury duty has lost its appeal

I’VE always wanted to be on a jury. As I popped my ticket in the hat at Jury Play – an immersive theatre production being staged in Edinburgh – I crossed my fingers. By the end, just two hours and 20 minutes later, I had come to realise I should be more careful what I wish for.

Knowledge is power, so let’s talk honestly about abortion

YOU’VE only read the headline, but your hackles might already be up. What knowledge, exactly? What power? And how many paragraphs before the big reveal? For or against, “foetus” or “baby”, right or wrong. I don’t blame you. When people start talking about the reality of abortion, I get suspicious too. It took a showContinue reading “Knowledge is power, so let’s talk honestly about abortion”