Those who boast about tax-dodging should be shunned

The question many are now asking is whether the majority of Scottish workers are willing to pay a little more for well-resourced public services and universal benefits. But this is not, in fact, the key question. We need to ask how effective a rate rise would be.

Want to know what Mother! is all about? Ignore what its creators are saying

Darren Aronofsky and Jennifer Lawrence might just be seeking to deflect attention from the most obvious interpretation of the cinematic baby they’ve made together.

New homes alone are not enough – we need to build communities

During this week’s Scottish Parliament debate about the current crisis, MSPs squabbled over which party’s housing, planning and infrastructure policies were best … but not one of them mentioned shops.

Listen to Mhairi Black – basic income is a non-starter

What price happiness? What counts as work? What’s a fair wage? What’s the value of security, or care, or art? The answers are unlikely to be provided by tiny-scale basic income pilot schemes in Scottish local authorities.

Five ways to target child poverty that won’t cost the earth

The Give Me Five campaign is calling for the Scottish Government to use its new powers to top up child benefit by £5 per week. But there are other ways to put money in the pockets of poor parents and carers that involve neither universal provision nor means testing.

Who needs snow? Verbier in the summer has something for everyone

Rather than let Verbier’s hotels, chalets and restaurants lie empty during the summer months – when the weather is lovely and the views are glorious – tourism chiefs have rebranded the resort as an “infinite playground” and thrown in free transport and activities for tourists.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie captivates at book festival alongside Nicola Sturgeon

CHIMAMANDA Ngozi Adichie arrived on stage to a rock star’s reception, and her reaction set the tone for an utterly absorbing hour. She drank in the cheers and applause with a warm smile and without a hint of self-consciousness. Her actions – accepting praise without a cringe, engaging with an 11-year-old girl without talking downContinue reading “Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie captivates at book festival alongside Nicola Sturgeon”

Joking aside, critics should examine their sexism

There’s no place in criticism for ruling that because a performer has the audacity to reflect on her own life experiences, she is at best niche and at worst intolerably self-absorbed.