Who will protect delivers riders from acid attacks?

The delivery companies have responded with warm words, arranging meetings about safety and setting up phone lines for riders to report concerns. They have emphasised that no-one is obliged to make deliveries in area where they feel unsafe. Which sounds good until you remember that the firms are not obliged to pay them, either.

Channel 4’s Eden is back after a mysterious silence – so what on earth went wrong?

It’s been months – the whole of autumn and half of winter – and we haven’t heard a peep from the participants. It seems clear this very expensive experiment hasn’t quite gone to plan.

If you want to see more women on TV, you might have to step up yourself

I decided this would be my Year of Speaking Dangerously. That when opportunities to speak in public or on air came along, I would feel the fear and seize them anyway.

There’s not much point raising wages if rents keep rising too

The government cannot sit on its hands and blame market forces for the plight of those citizens who will never get on the property ladder (and quite possibly don’t want to either). It doesn’t take an economics degree to see this is a problem of supply and demand to which building is the solution.

If John Swinney won’t listen to teachers, how will he learn?

IF history, theology and Spider-Man comics have taught us anything, it’s that with great power comes great responsibility. Unless, of course, you delegate some of that responsibility to someone else. Then, when being held to account, you can simply point in the direction of that other person and, when everyone turns to look, leap outContinue reading “If John Swinney won’t listen to teachers, how will he learn?”