The Good Fight series one, episode nine (Self Condemned): the unravelling

adrianI guess the clue is in the episode title. I’ve been wondering whether there’s more to Maia’s defence of her father than simple family ties. Does she really still trust him, despite him secretly recording their conversations and trying to throw Diane under the bus to save his own skin?

An episode-long grilling is the best way to find out, and the FBI’s Madeleine Starkey (Jane Lynch) – better know as Glee’s Sue Sylvester – is the one to administer it. Her tactics should have been familiar to Maia and Lucca: wacky office set-ups, chumminess-masking-steel and general eccentricity are the hallmarks of someone else we know…

I have a terrible memory, but it really doesn’t seem plausible that Maia would recall any detail about events nine years ago.  Is she fibbing for the family, as Lucca suggests, and if so, why? Also, what 19-year-old goes to the clap clinic with her mum?

Meanwhile, another character from the past is back – hoorah! But it’s Colin Sweeney – ugh. The alleged wife murderer and BDSM enthusiast is probably my least favourite guest appearer, and now he’s not only playing the victim but comparing himself to Rodney King. No-one in Chicago has any sympathy for him, but Adrian spies an opportunity to nail the worst cop on the force for police brutality. We also get another tantalising clue about Alicia when Sweeney indignantly declares that she wouldn’t take his case. Does this suggest she’s still practising law, and taking other cases?

It seems the stuff about Maia’s role in the Rindell Foundation was a red herring – though I found both her incredible memory for dates and Sue Sylvester’s slip-up a bit implausible. Perhaps it wasn’t a slip-up at all though – was it merely another tactic designed to put Maia and Lucca off the scent? The real meat of the matter involves Maia’s girlfriend Amy, whose parents wanted a piece of the Rindell Fund action.

I’m loving Adrian’s style more and more with each episode. Lucca and Maia kept things monochrome for their final showdown at the FBI offices, but Sue managed to introduce a few shades of grey and … UH OH. Maia knew. On some level, she smelled a rat. Might Amy have smelled it too?

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