The Good Fight series one, episode eight (Reddick vs Boseman): hearts and minds

Lucca Colin.JPGViewers of The Good Wife are accustomed to silent partners putting in the odd appearance at their firms. Who could forget our old pal Howard Lyman, hanging around the office with his trousers down and leaving a trail of Prince Philip-style gaffes in his wake?

Unfortunately for Adrian Boseman and Barbara Kolstad, founding partner Carl Reddick is no doddery old duffer. He’s back, and he’s not happy with the direction the firm is taking. Barbara might claim to be fighting the good fight, but he reckons she’s succumbed to the lure of the ChumHum dollar.

He’s also not too happy to see a white lawyer muscling in on the action, though he softens when a pastor client promptly arrives and vouches for Diane. Said pastor wants rid of a tenant at his halfway house who’s started failing drug tests … and who makes a counter-claim of statutory rape in response to the eviction notice.

Meanwhile, there are shades of Get Out when Lucca meets Colin’s parents and all their white chums. Everyone makes it out alive, but is it the kiss of their for their relationship? Was she just the “hot black girlfriend” he needed for a successful senate bid (a bid Lucca knew nothing about), or is he genuinely charmed by the moody teenager routine she’s been keeping up for the past few episodes? It’s a tough one to call.

I know the viewer’s supposed to be focused on Henry Rindell’s botched suicide attempt when Maia and Amy make a frantic dash to the family home, but I was distracted by those fabulous murals in the hallway. God knows why Maia conspired to hide the evidence and keep him out of jail. She could have saved us all from having to look at his sad-sack face any longer.

Back at the firm, I didn’t entirely understand what the partners were voting on, partly because the actor playing Reddick had such terrible diction, but I enjoyed Adrian and Barbara’s wee Will-and-Diane moment at the end. These booze-sealed partner/pal relationships are my favourite part of TGW/TGF.

On the fashion front, Barbara’s beautiful printed dress/jacket combo deserves special mention (WANT), Adrian effortlessly beats Carl in the suit-tie-pocket square stakes, Diane sports at least three lovely coats and her sense of style is clearly rubbing off on the increasingly chic Marissa.


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