The digital kids are alright – they just need more sleep

When it comes to mental health, a media-fuelled moral panic has many concluding that digital connectedness is in itself harmful, with cyber-bullies lurking around every corner and teens desperate for approval pouting for non-stop selfies.

When it comes to local government, creativity will be key to proving Scotland can go it alone

If the SNP wants to devolve as much power as possible to the lowest possible level, and prove that Scotland can stand on its own two feet, its local representatives will need to remove the word “can’t” from their vocabulary.

Radical thinking is needed to solve the elderly care crisis

FOR richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health – the promise seems straightforward enough. But how many of those tying the knot truly consider how much their lives would change if one spouse ended up as the full-time carer of the other? And just how much poorer they might be as a result? “NobodyContinue reading “Radical thinking is needed to solve the elderly care crisis”

Jeremy Corbyn: A poor imitation of an opposition leader?

IT must have been a poor imitator of Jeremy Corbyn who took over on Monday night, after the real McCoy finished his speech at the STUC conference in Aviemore. Surely the man himself wouldn’t have stormed down to Dunfermline, blamed the Scottish Government for the evils of his Westminster opponents and expected the Scots toContinue reading “Jeremy Corbyn: A poor imitation of an opposition leader?”