Line of Duty series four, episode six: is that it?

LoD finaleThere’s been one simple question at the heart of this series of Line of Duty: why did Roz cover up what happened in Tim Ifield’s flat? The answer provided in this last episode is far from satisfactory, with Jed Mercurio falling into the same trap as Broadchurch writer Chris Chibnall.

Roz Huntley knows from her years as a police officer that self-defence is difficult to prove, just as Trish Winterman knew rape victims are often disbelieved. But the problem with the plots of both these show is that in these specific instances there could be very little doubt.

Just as there could be little doubt that Trish was knocked unconscious and raped, there was plenty of evidence that Roz was knocked unconscious and very nearly dismembered by Tim. He bought the tools for the job that very same night! He was wearing a forensic suit when he died! Yes, Roz shouldn’t have gone to his flat to confront him but I’m going to hazard a guess that her punishment for doing so wouldn’t have been a ten-year stretch.

The only logical explanation for Roz perverting the course of justice was that she was involved in a larger conspiracy, and admitting her visit to Tim’s flat would have raised questions about the stitching-up of Michael Farmer. Instead it seems the only deliberate framing she was involved in (including that of her own husband) was about saving her own skin. Utterly ridiculous.

Many seem impressed with the way Mercurio’s story spanned four series, but again, as with Broadchurch, there’s little to suggest things were cleverly laid out in advance. I’m OK with the fact that Balaclava Man was never unmasked, but it’s a complete cheat to say “oh hey, remember there were some balaclava men in series one a million years ago and they put bodies in freezers? Yeah, basically that again.” And as for introducing yet another H-named senior officer in the last hour…

On the plus side, I enjoyed Sharp Shooter Ted (perhaps him and GI Kate could join some kind of anti-terror armed response unit in a spin-off series) and the Jamie-related twist, although I’m not sure the latter made any sense whatsoever. Did he know what Maneet was up to? Was he trying to execute some sort of double-bluff by acting like a bent copper while actually being a bent copper? Were his digs at Steve related to the fact that he’d worked alongside Steve’s ex, Woman With Impressive Eyebrows? (That was Steve’s ex, right? If so, why did Kate try to imply that she’d been a cow for dumping him? I’m pretty sure she did so on the grounds of dodgy behaviour with Lindsay Denton. A casual observer would think she’d pulled the plug after he’d been flung over that balcony.)

Speaking of Eyebrows, the interview technique of her and Hargreaves (another “H”) was terrible. “It wasn’t me, it was the one-armed woman” was a nonsensical retort given the one-armed woman in question had two working arms at the time of the offence they were discussing. It was enough to make me wonder if she was involved in the conspiracy to frame Nick for Roz’s crime … but of course there was no such conspiracy, unless you count eager beaver Jodie as a conspirator.

Maybe “H” has been Hastings all along, but is there any actual evidence to support this? I’m certainly not about to scour four series’ worth of episodes for clues, because there’s not a chance Mercurio mapped it all out on that basis.

Finally: who the hell hangs up a tracksuit?



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4 thoughts on “Line of Duty series four, episode six: is that it?

  1. It was game set and match to Roz. Hastings and his two wee ones appeared weak in light of her forensic investigation of every aspect of the case. She’d be great in AC12. Maybe when she comes out in 6years 6months she could apply for the police!Fair enough sentence in light of her being a cop, killing and cover up. She was a woman who believed she was a great cop and could not bear for anyone to doubt her ability and think she was less than perfect. She would do anything to cover up the fact that she had killed and lied. I think Jamie was a good cop and was simply fed up with the treatment he got at AC12 and Hilton knew what had happened to him and swooped on him, gathering him into the bad boys’ gang.
    I thought it was a good ending and as in life and police investigations, not all loose ends were tied up.
    It’s a pity they could not have included Kate running at top speed for 12 miles, leaping on and off vehicles.
    That was another good ending. Here endeth my take. joyx

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    1. It would be great to see Roz back again! Having read other people’s takes on the finale, I note many still have doubts about her. The line about her children needing one parent seemed to contradict the rest of her testimony – if Nick was not involved in any wrongdoing (and was merely fitted up by Roz to take the heat off herself) then why was it necessary for her to “clear” him in this way? I still don’t understand why Roz would consider it a feather in her cap to have the wrong man arrested. She seemed over-confident that Farmer would be convicted based on shonky evidence, but if Tim hadn’t taken his concerns to AC-12 he could simply have handed them to Farmer’s defence team.

      Also, if the women were kidnapped and killed purely to be used as frozen-body blackmail fodder, why on earth was the kidnapping of Hanna so public? Wouldn’t it have been easier for the conspirators to simply hire sex workers then quietly kill them behind closed doors? Makes zero sense.

      I think Jamie was bent from the start – there was no evidence he was being treated unfairly and was a deliberate dick to Steve from the moment they met.


  2. What about Jamie being shifted because Hastings (wrongly) thought he had downloaded Dot Cottan stuff? That was enough for him to feel aggrieved and fall into clutches of H who would massage his ego. Hastings was also v sharp with him in interviews which Jamie took to heart. I put it to you, Miss Craven, that there is not a shred of evidence that Jamie was, as you put it `bent’ from the outset.’
    As to Roz, when she realised she was nailed good and proper, she cleared hubby cos it could have been viewed as a joint enterprise. She set up the navy jumper forensics which were pretty damning.
    Anyway, it was an excellent last episode in my book.
    Asst Chief Constable Square Eyesx

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    1. I put it to you that it was suspicious that Jamie didn’t do any detecting when Ted accused him of leaking. Surely he might have remembered giving his password to Maneet? That’s a no-no in most workplaces, never mind anti-corruption police forces! And he didn’t really have any business feeling aggrieved at not being liked by the others when he was very deliberately a dick to Steve on his first day with his “that would be desperate” comment re: getting involved with witnesses.

      I’m still not sure about Roz. Do you think she believed Michael Farmer was the killer?


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