The Good Fight series one, episode five (Stoppable: Requiem for an Airdate): old chums

elsbeth tgfThe show is really hitting its stride now, combining multiple plot lines and bringing back well-kent characters left, right and centre. Hurrah!

Just as importantly, Barbara’s styling is on point (and I’ve just discovered Whoever imagined Diane would have a credible challenger in the chunky-necklace department?

The case at the heart of the episode involves an episode of a TV show about a politician accused of sexual assault that was pulled from the schedules after Trump won the election. I particularly enjoyed the dismissive way the characters referred to the “ripped-from-the-headlines” approach their own writers do so brilliantly.

barbara dressAs the firm’s token Trump supporter Julius isn’t keen to fight it, but he get a lot keener when Adrian’s storming court performance (help by a tweet from The Donald himself) not only wins the case but also ChumHum as a mega-bucks client. Which is not only good news for Reddick, Boseman & Kolstad but also for Diane personally, who not only negotiates a deal that means she can keep her apartment but also fires back at Barbara with a bold jacket and matching red lip. Take that!

Meanwhile, Mike Kristeva’s still sniffing around – and turning his attention to what Maia’s been up to – so the firm decides to recruit its own lawyer. And who better than our dear friend Elsbeth Tascioni, fresh out of the mental hospital and ready to fight dirty with her multiple tote bags and even brighter red hair. Take that too!

I’m in favour of Lucca’s romance with AUSA guy, but find her claim to have no pals preposterous (did she ever actually fall out with Alicia? Wasn’t Carey her chum too? Why are the writers keeping up this Lucca-as-Kalinda nonsense?). She’s great fun, loves a dance and wears the hell out of a pussy bow blouse, so I fail to see why she wouldn’t be brunching it up all over Chicago.



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