Line of Duty series four, episode five: the rot sets in

LOD4“It’s starting to stink, that thing on your wrist”

Crikey. Once again, I did not see that coming. And presumably neither did Roz, yet it only takes her a few hours to a) come to terms with a life-changing injury, b) construct a detailed alternative narrative and c) stage-manage the arrest of her husband on suspicion on murder. Boom.

It seems nothing focuses the mind like a newly acquired disability, as Steve’s back at work already and joining the dots between the crimes of series one and the murder of Leonie Collinsdale, whose body parts have been frozen. I vaguely recall Jackie Lafferty (Gina McKee) being set upon by masked men in her home, but I hope a satisfying resolution to the show isn’t dependent on us remembering much more.

I’m not sure about Hilton’s bid to bring down Ted and finger him as the high heid yin who was pulling Cottan’s strings. Has he not realised his own surname also begins with H? And that he’s up to his neck in the current AC-12 enquiry? Shutting down Ted is only going to make Steve The Unstoppable and Care Bear Kate all the more determined to get to the truth.

It seems a bit implausible that Jamie could just flounce out of the anti-corruption unit with a veiled threat of a discrimination claim, despite appearing to be the source of the leak. Then again, it seems implausible he would have given his password to Mistress of Deception Maneet. Does he fall for phishing scams too?


Meanwhile, Beardy down at Polk Avenue cop shop isn’t buying any of Huntley’s nonsense and everyone else is smelling a rat too. Except Jodie, it appears, but I’m not ruling out the possibility her Roz fangirl routine is an act. I’m also still not ruling out the possibility that Farmer’s inept lawyer is part of the conspiracy.

Kate’s cover’s been blown so she’s now wearing her hair in a nicer style and eyeballing people right in the face rather than watching them from windows. I’m not sure she’s been keeping up, though. “You know what they’ll say,” she tells Steve. “Because we couldn’t pin your fall on Nick Huntley we’re going after the pair of them for summat else.” What, summat else like the corruption you were originally investigating her about?

Perhaps the biggest clue of the episode was Roz’s line in her hospital bed: “Why didn’t you stop them?” It makes sense in the context – if it meant “why didn’t you stop the sturgeons amputating my hand?” – but when the nurse asks, Mr Huntley won’t be drawn. So perhaps Roz was referring to a different “them”, and a different no-going-back decision.

The number of people suspecting Roz of foul play is rising by the week – the question is, for how much longer will Ted’s team be work on putting the pieces together.


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