The Good Fight series one, episode four (Henceforth Known as Property): fake news gone wild

TGF fake newsI’m surprised it’s taken The Good Wife/Fight this long to tackle the legally murky world of assisted reproduction. The writers tackle it from an unusual angle – a woman who sold her eggs to fertility clinic that has since shut down.

Reddick, Boseman, & Kolstad drew up the original contract, which stipulated that ownership would return to their client if they weren’t used. Unfortunately for her, 11 of the dozen were inexplicably destroyed and the remaining one fertilised by a stranger. A stranger who, it transpires, is no George Clooney.

“Oh god, I hate this,” bemoans the judge who’s obliged to rule on ownership of a potential life as if it’s any other item of property. The case inspires a heart-to-heart between Barbara and Diane, who sport bold metallics as they talk about reproductive choices.

Meanwhile, Maia finds herself under attack from a Twitter bot set up by a vengeful ex-boyfriend, which is pumping out a stream of fake news and putting her job at risk. Poor Maia – as if having parents she can’t trust isn’t bad enough. It’s a neat diversion from the Maia-as-Alicia notion. This time around the salacious sex claims aren’t true, but in the post-Trump era it turns out that doesn’t matter.

It turns out the only way to address the problem is to fight fire with fire – and since Maia has Marissa on her side, the resultant molotov cocktail is extremely effective.

Matthew Perry’s repellent Mike Kristeva is back, and even more of an outrageous liar than before. “He’s not straightforward,” Diane warns her colleagues, in what proves to be a significant understatement. This guy makes Louis Canning look like Mother Theresa. He’s been tasked with reducing the number of police brutality cases in Chicago, so sets out to do just that – to reduce the number of  cases, rather than the number of incidents.

It’s clear Kristeva will stop at nothing to achieve his goal, so when the fake news brings Maia onto his radar … well, don’t expect him to hold back.


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