Line of Duty series four, episode four: turning the tables

Line of Duty JodieHow could Steven possibly have survived that fall? How on earth did Balaclava Man make his escape? And why can no-one in this show pronounce the name “Arnott”?

At this point there are far too many unanswered questions, and I’m really not convinced we’re going to get satisfactory answers. It’s hard to imagine Steve having much more to contribute at this late stage, so the cheat of his miraculous recovery seems a bit pointless. Maybe Balaclava Man will break into the hospital and murder him with a power saw. Maybe he’ll be thrown out of a window. Maybe Maneet is pregnant with his baby.

Oh Maneet, how could you? You were everyone’s favourite. You and your high-quality actual police work, and your quiet refusal to take any shit from the bickering dafties around you. What could possibly have motivated you to do ACC Hilton’s dirty work? A genuine belief that Hastings and co are up to no good? A desire to ensure you stay on a fast-track to promotion despite your inconvenient procreation?

Shock, horror: Kate’s been rumbled. Who would have thought that acting shifty 24/7, staring at the target from elevated windows and openly talking to her colleagues about potential corruption would prove to be an unsuccessful undercover strategy? The jig appears to be up to such an extent that Huntley knows “Kate” is actually actress Vicky McClure – why else throw in a random reference to the maternal guilt themes of The Replacement?

I knew from the first episode that Hastings wasn’t going to get away with all his “wee girl” remarks, but I didn’t imagine for a minute they’d be used to try and discredit the whole of AC-12. Yikes. I enjoyed watching Roz turn the tables but it’s all a bit convenient, isn’t it? Aha! I might be in the frame for the murder of a colleague who wanted me probed, but you have outdated ideas about gender roles … who is the true villain here, hmm?

I’ve no idea what we’re supposed to make of Mr Huntley, whose every innocuous move it now being accompanied by increasingly terrifying music. What’s he going to do next? Whack Roz over the head with a wine bottle? Bash her head off a kitchen counter? Oh no, he’s just going to take some slaps and receive a cuddle. Odd.

I don’t know if anyone else found his language strange when he tried to justify going for a pee after Steve’s no-show. “He didn’t appear – I got butterflies”. Butterflies in your bladder? An the forensics chap was just as baffling. He doesn’t want to be a whistleblower, he tells Roz, despite not having anything to blow the whistle about given we saw with our own eyes that it was Roz herself, not him, who tampered with the blood sample.

So I guess next week AC-12 will be shut down on the grounds that Ted’s a dinosaur, Steve’s dead and Kate’s found Mumsnet. Roz will slap Michael Farmer to death while his lawyer’s asleep and use Tim’s chopped-off fingers to plant evidence that Hanna is The Caddie.

Seriously though – my prediction for next week is that Jodie will be key.


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4 thoughts on “Line of Duty series four, episode four: turning the tables

  1. Was ACC Hilton in a previous series of Line of Duty? What is his beef with AC12? Why does he keep referring to himself and Roz as `old friends.’ What is all that about? Why was Maneet waiting when Hilton was in one of his hotels hoping to go upstairs with Roz? Puzzled of Dundee


    1. I think he may have been, but Paul Higgins pops up in so many things that I lose track! I was also very confused by his apparent scheduling clash. Maybe he was going to tell Roz he needed a 15-minute toilet break right in the middle of doing the deed?


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