Broadchurch series three, episode seven: disgust and dismay … and more misdirection

broadchurch saraI might have shed a tear about Mark’s death at the end of last week’s episode, but that doesn’t mean I’m glad he’s actually still alive. The Latimers had better have some significance to this story beyond Beth bullying a rape victim.

Ed clearly isn’t the rapist, and Jim is also too obvious a suspect. So who else is still in the frame but not squarely so? Lying twine boy? Taxi scumbag? The schoolboys whose little dicks hot-head Hardy’s ill-advisably threatening to chop off?

I’m not convinced by the interrogation tactic of asking people where they were on specific dates years ago. Perhaps they could have been asked to bring their diaries.
“Who were you hoping to use these on?” was also a very unfortunate turn of phrase from Hardy in connection with a box of condoms. Yuk.

One of the best things about this series has been Olivia Colman’s fantastic facial expressions, and this week we’re treated to a double bill of dismay (when Hardy tells her his problem is being too nice) and disgust (when Trish’s husband confesses about the spyware then when Jim brags about his shagscapades). You almost wonder if she’s starting to think her child-killing paedophile husband wasn’t so bad after all.

I was waiting to see if the dodgy vicar would put in an appearance, revelling in Mark’s near-suicide, and – aha! – there he was. It’s definitely him. Mark my words.

Hang on, I hope the horrible non-feminist colleague of Maggie the newspaper editor hasn’t masterminded all these rapes to boost clicks to the Broadchurch Gazette website. Maybe she’s in cahoots with the vicar?

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