Line of Duty series four, episode three: Another fine mess

farlod arnottGASP! I most certainly did not see that coming. On the contrary, I was looking forward to seeing how Arnott – whose ladies’ man credentials were so well established in series one, two and three – was going to cope having a taller, darker and most handsome colleague. Early indications: not well.

Although the music, editing and dialogue were building us up to a dramatic conclusion, I still thought everyone was labouring under the misapprehension that it was Huntley’s husband, as opposed to Huntley herself, driving to and from Tim’s flat on the night of his death (although a friend had had Mr Huntley pegged as a potential Balaclava Man last week).

Could he really be the abductor/killer though? It would feel like Broadchurch all over again. The pair definitely aren’t in cahoots, unless they’re staging brilliantly acted private domestic scenes for the benefit of anyone who might be bugging their house.

It seemed ridiculous that Michael Farmer’s positive identification as an inadequate with a habit of hassling random women was taken as evidence of far more serious crimes. If anything, it makes it seem even more likely that Huntley would have picked him as the target of a framing.

Speaking of framing, I’ve no idea what’s going on with the Hanna storyline. Was she really having sex with Tim Ifield for money? Isn’t all of this a bit convenient for Huntley? And why are they only now doing the “basic coppering” of gathering witness statements and looking at CCTV? If Huntley obstructed that, it would have been the most glaring indication yet that she had something to hide.

In the meantime, we’re back to where we were at the end of episode one: a messy crime scene from which a killer surely cannot reasonably just walk away. But given how things have unfolded thus far, anything’s possible.


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