Broadchurch: Series three, episode four

THE police have had some strange priorities when investigating this case. While they were quick off the mark with their in-depth condoms-and-fishing-twine research, they’ve been a bit slow about checking the sex offender register for locals who’ve committed almost identical crimes. Ah well. Better late than never.

Aaron says he’s not a rapist, but gives a pretty unconvincing explanation for why he tied his victim up. He might want to try “she asked me to” next time, rather than “everyone’s reading 50 Shades of Grey on the bus”. He was fishing on the night Trish was attacked – all night, as you do – but of course he doesn’t just tell the police this, he explains his love of fishing to them, too. And then gratuitously  details his exercise regime, directing a sly wee question at Hardy in the process. Do you even lift bro?

Quick question: do any men actually have FHM-style “pin-up” posters of scantily clad women on display at their homes and workplaces in 2017? Does FHM even still exist in print form? Poor Miller’s eyes are in danger of rolling all the way out of her head if we encounter any more of this retro nonsense.

Cath seems to be a bit confused about the appropriate response to criminal acts, planning a community football match because, um, otherwise the rapist will have won? I’m not sure we have any evidence that he was motivated by a desire to unsettle the local community. Anyway, it proves a good way of getting all the dodgy local men together to fight/ignore their kids/gawp at Trish.

Hardy has a date! I did not see that coming. Or expect Chloe Latimer to pay his daughter Daisy a visit. First thought: the porn the kids have been watching has Daisy in it. Because we can’t just have one detective’s own family embroiled in the central plot – no, we must have two!

Meanwhile, Mark Latimer’s making omelettes (fishy ones) and planning a visit to Joe Miller. I’m not sure why we should care about this, although it does give us a bit of shifty vicar screen time, which might be relevant.

Another victim coming forward to report a rape from two years ago probably puts Aaron in the clear, but surely he’s going back to prison regardless? Being utterly repellent has to be grounds for instant recall.

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