Broadchurch: series three, episode three

broadchurch 3“Does she know who it was?” asks Trish’s estranged husband Ian, after his daughter tells him Trish was raped at the party. Given that stranger, nighttime rapes in which the victim is beaten unconscious are very rare, that’s a pretty odd question to ask. But presumably the daughter won’t dwell on it.

It turns out Ian told a pack of lies to the police last week, when they came to interview him and before (at least on the face of it) he knew the identity of the victim. He tells Cath’s husband Jim as much, and for a moment it seems like the not-very-secret swingers’ club is going to be blown open. But no. All we learn is that it was the kind of party where middle-aged blokes drink so much tequila that they pass out on the lawn. Standard.

Meanwhile, a sleep-deprived Hardy is microwaving cold cups of tea and pondering “motives” for the attack, while gives Miller a convenient opportunity to disapprovingly assert: “It was about power and control, not sex.” Yes, we get it: this is a Drama With An Important Purpose.

Miller’s deviant son has been sentenced to weeding the church yard for his porn-sharing sins. Is his partner in crime one of the same lads who came calling for Hardy’s daughter Daisy? And why does he hate his stepdad Lucas so much (other than the obvious, which is that he’s a smirking shit)? I’m still suspicious of the vicar – will having his services rubbished by Miller’s dad push him over the edge (again)? What level of tragedy will it take to get these heathens back into the pews?

Ed the farm shop owner doesn’t cover himself in glory in his police interview, admitting to throwing punches at Jim then assuring them that Trish isn’t “the kind of woman” who gets raped. Cue death stares from Miller, whose eyebrow seems a bit more under control this week.

NEW SUSPECT ALERT! The owner of the stately home makes a point of reminiscing about his “special place” within the grounds, which just so happens to be the exact location of the attack. “I’d sit … no-one would notice me,” he says meaningfully to the nasty policewoman who thinks Trish is a terrible victim. How coincidental that he should say such a specifically incriminating thing, completely unprompted.

“It’s a scarily wide net right now,” ponders Miller as the suspects pile up. Presumably we can rule out the catering team and band though, seeing as they’ve been introduced to us at this relatively late stage? I’d wondered last week about the rules governing minicabs in Broadchurch and the surrounding areas. It appears hires needn’t be pre-booked, but picking up randoms on the road is a no-no. I’m not sure it makes sense for Lucas to cover up this sort of infraction by making himself a rape suspect.

What did the cocky young twine manufacturer put on Ian’s laptop? Who is sending texts and flowers to Trish? Has anyone figured out that nasty policeman Katie is the daughter of nasty farm shop owner Ed? Why do the Latimers have to be in this series? All may or may not eventually be revealed.


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One thought on “Broadchurch: series three, episode three

  1. What’s more Shona, all the suspects seem to be quite well known actors, so how can we know if they are telling the truth or doing acting. Inspector Joyx


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