Prevention of loneliness will always be better than cure

TACKLING loneliness was a top priority for the late MP Jo Cox, so it was grimly fitting that this topic was under discussion at Holyrood last Tuesday night, less than 24 hours before her former workplace came under attack. In times of sudden, violent tragedy we take comfort from images of people rushing to help,Continue reading “Prevention of loneliness will always be better than cure”

Criticising SNP policy should not be viewed as treason by Yes supporters

Subjecting SNP policy proposals to scrutiny doesn’t undermine the independence cause. On the contrary, it helps challenge perceptions of the Yes movement as a cult of blind obedience in which details don’t matter.

Broadchurch: Series three, episode four

THE police have had some strange priorities when investigating this case. While they were quick off the mark with their in-depth condoms-and-fishing-twine research, they’ve been a bit slow about checking the sex offender register for locals who’ve committed almost identical crimes. Ah well. Better late than never. Aaron says he’s not a rapist, but givesContinue reading “Broadchurch: Series three, episode four”

It’ll take more than a TV show to stamp out rape myths

If everyone in Scotland took just two minutes and six seconds to watch the I Just Froze campaign’s films, it could make all the difference to countless survivors. It could mean the difference between saying the right thing and asking the wrong questions.

Poor pay and terrible PR: who’d be a local councillor?

We cannot on one hand complain that anyone who goes into politics is motivated by greed and an unsavoury quest for power and influence, but on the other hand rule out salaries that represent fair pay for the hours and effort involved.