The Tory government’s hunt for ‘undeclared partners’ is not about money

Large-scale benefit fraud “crackdowns” are less about clawing back cash and more an attempt to degrade and humiliate anyone and everyone who relies on state support.

The Moorside, BBC One, Episode 2

I’D forgotten how long it took for Karen Matthews to be arrested. The concluding scene of the first part of this drama seemed almost tantamount to a confession, as she stood gormless and unmoved when seeing her daughter for the first time in three weeks. For someone who had proved herself a good actress duringContinue reading “The Moorside, BBC One, Episode 2”

Is inheritance really a toxic topic in Scottish politics?

If the transfer of assets from parents to their children is thwarting aspirations of social mobility, why won’t our politicians come out and say so?

Anyone who believes there are no alternative facts needs a lesson in media studies

Donald Trump’s team and clearly telling whoppers, but if we aren’t willing to put in the background reading, do we get the ‘truth’ we deserve?