Giving people the purse strings will require a leap of faith

WHEN John Lennon sang Power to the People he was a little short on detail. Yes, it’s a stirring, sing-along number, but what kind of power? Which people? And did he have any sort of evaluation framework in mind? Pre- and post-indyref1 there has been much talk of community empowerment, and of building a newContinue reading “Giving people the purse strings will require a leap of faith”

Clyping isn’t easy, even when the stakes are high

AS the floral tributes pile up after an apparently senseless tragedy, it’s only a matter of time until someone places a card bearing three large capital letters: “WHY?” Once the initial shock and confusion has subsided, the question will generally be addressed by some kind of inquiry, commission or review. The aim of these exercisesContinue reading “Clyping isn’t easy, even when the stakes are high”

Kids in care deserve our compassion, not suspicion 

It’s not going into care that hinders a child’s life choices – it’s the earlier experiences that necessitate them being removed from home.

The Fall, series three, episode three: The plot thickens

Someone finally puts some cuffs on Spector, and after Stella is over-ruled on dropping charges against poor Sally-Anne it seems she might resort to desperate measures.