Giving evidence to Holyrood committees need not be a taxing matter

Consultations give citizens a real the chance to influence policy – you don’t need to be an expert to have your say.

Don’t the banks have a role to play in enforcing landlord registration rules?

HAVE you ever committed a crime by accident? Perhaps you’ve absent-mindedly left a shop without paying, or crept above the speed limit, or breached a celebrity superinjunction. If you’re an “accidental landlord” you might be indulging in criminal activity at this very moment, by letting out a property without registering. If so, should you beContinue reading “Don’t the banks have a role to play in enforcing landlord registration rules?”

National Treasure, Episode 1: Robbie Coltrane fails to convince

THE problem I have with this drama, about a well-loved celebrity accused of rape post-Yewtree, is that I just don’t buy Robbie Coltrane as a comedian turned quiz show host. Paul Finchley is no Bob Monkhouse or Les Dawson, and maybe that’s deliberate – after all, it would be unfair to besmirch the reputation of any actual performer byContinue reading “National Treasure, Episode 1: Robbie Coltrane fails to convince”

Headphones debate was a distraction from bigger problems of male privilege

A woman can walk away from a sleazy guy in the street, but she can’t very easily avoid a classmate who stares at her during lessons, or a colleague who badgers her for a date via her work email account.

The burkini is not a burka for the beach, and French bans had nothing to do with security

The policing of Muslim women on French beaches was so utterly wrong-headed, even the Daily Mail disapproved.