If Scotland’s drugs death are a “legacy issue”, why do we have more problem users than ever?

The solution to the west coast drug problem isn’t cracking down on supply with police raids and prosecutions – it’s addressing demand by improving grim lives.

Eden (Channel 4) episode four: Spring, or Operation Cunt claims its first victim

Huntsman Glenn turns over a new leaf when he develops a crush on shepherdess Caroline – but after she rejects him he forms Operation Cunt to bully women out of the camp.

If you didn’t get the exam results you hoped for, it’s not the end of the world

What felt like a disaster on Tuesday could be downgraded to a minor setback by Friday, and in 10 years’ time it might even look like a blessing in disguise.

Named Person debate highlights widespread ignorance about child protection

Social workers in Scotland mostly engage with families on a voluntary basis … and there are checks and balances to ensure everyone is treated fairly.

Eden (Channel 4) episode three: Rations and Cabins, or The Men Know This Is Being Filmed, right?

A plan to starve the women into working harder makes the Anton controversy look like a storm in a teacup, while vet Rob loses the plot and Anton comes into his own.