The Good Wife: Season seven, episode twenty-one: Verdict

verdictAfter last week’s episode I figured there were two options – either Peter’s case goes to trial and the series does some kind a flash-forward to the end, or he takes the three-year plea bargain.

But I was forgetting that narrative economy is king in the world of The Good Wife, and even the most complex test case can be condensed into the space between two ad breaks. I guess the build-up to this one was so interminable I couldn’t quite believe it would fit this established mould.

But here it is, the penultimate episode, and Connor Fox is saying “Alicia Florrick is part of a criminal conspiracy”. Yikes. Thankfully, the trial is a lot more straightforward than what came before it. I was delighted to see Geneva pop us as the surprise witness. Remember when she accused Peter of preferential hiring and overlooking her for promotion? And remember how he was clearly guilty of those charges and yet barely paused to reflect, let alone change? And now we find out he was sleeping with her too? What a piece of work.

The problem with the middle of the episode is that I don’t care about most of the stuff that’s happening. Kurt takes the stand – whatever, who gives a shit? Why’s Diane blubbing about it? Then Cary takes the stand and then Alicia’s annoyed and I can’t even follow what they’re going on about. Peter’s guilty as sin, what’s she expecting everyone to do?

Ruth knew what was coming weeks ago and warned Alicia accordingly, but Alicia has carried on regardless. Why? Did she think Peter was innocent, or just too clever to get caught? Or was she playing a long game and really just wanted the chance to cross-examine Peter in a trial prep session about why anyone should trust a man who paid for prostitutes and cheated on his wife. OUCH.


Alicia’s fake tears with Canning were beyond weird.

Lucca’s chat with Jason was cringeworthy. “Are you in love with her?” Um, no, because he doesn’t have a personality.

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