The Good Wife: What the critics said (and why they’e wrong)

There’s a broad consensus among critics that the final series of The Good Wife was weak, but not everyone agrees about why (or whether that slap was justified). Brian Moylan for The Guardian: Though [Alicia and Diane’s] final confrontation was dramatic, it boiled their relationship down to two women fighting over their husbands. Both women (and, byContinue reading “The Good Wife: What the critics said (and why they’e wrong)”

Focus on happy endings obscures the emotional toll of unsuccessful IVF

PERFECT little toes on a fluffy knitted blanket – that was the image that accompanied this week’s story in The National about IVF on the NHS. Scotland is to have the UK’s “fairest and most generous” provision, the government announced this week, having accepted some of the key recommendations of its National Infertility Group. IVFContinue reading “Focus on happy endings obscures the emotional toll of unsuccessful IVF”

Raising Scotland’s minimum age of criminal responsibility – why stop at 12?

The Scottish Government has been consulting on raising the minimum age of criminal responsibility. But it’s asking the wrong questions.

The case against Cliff Huxtable (and other fathers who take a prurient interest in their daughters’ lives)

He played a protector on TV but is alleged to have been a predator in real life … but are the differences between Bill Cosby and his creation Cliff Huxtable really so pronounced?