The Good Wife: Season seven, episode eighteen: Unmanned

unmannedYOU may recall a scene a few weeks ago in which Ruth warned Alicia to sever ties with Peter, on the basis of her inside knowledge about what lay ahead. Alicia didn’t seem to take a blind bit of notice of this, carrying on regardless and indeed assisting Team Florrick with her performance in front of the grand jury.

Now she wants a divorce. And while she declares this isn’t because she has “some other man to call her own”, it’s everything to do with Jason, following his dramatic set-to with Peter. Why now? Why not at any other point in these seven series? “For the kids”? The kids weren’t daft. Presumably the real reason is that Alicia has always enjoyed the status of being Peter’s wife, despite the humiliation with which the show began. So will she stand by him in court? My guess is yes.

Certainly his ethical or otherwise behaviour never seemed a significant factor, which is why I would really quite enjoy seeing her dragged down with him this time.

Her conversation about religion with the ever-reticent Jason is revealing. “I’m more judgmental about my daughter’s Christianity than about yours,” she observes. “Why is that?” He quips back: “I dunno – because you’re a bad person?” and she laughs, but of course it’s actually true. She doesn’t like Grace because religion or no religion, she has morals, and Alicia doesn’t. She doesn’t like Zach because, abortion or no abortion, he’s handsome, charismatic and looks up to his dad. Disowning Zach means absolving herself of all responsibility for making sure he doesn’t end up taking bribes and shagging hookers.

Another young person I certainly do not want to see dragged down anywhere is Marissa, who has unexpectedly become the trump card for assistant US attorney Connor Fox. Apparently she worked for the dodgy donor Lloyd Garber, and as a result had her phoned tapped? Does this ring any bells with you? It’s news to me. And how was that tapping legal given that – as we’ve heard so many times – Illinois is a two-party-consent state?

Naturally, Eli’s storming about in a fury, making indiscreet announcements to rooms full of randoms. Not the best strategy. With Diane by his side he takes an offer to Fox: he’ll confess to a crime, or be star witness against Peter.

And … Cary’s out. Good luck to him. Definitely not the send-off he deserved.



I thought we were being primed for Jason packing up and leaving town – otherwise why call the episode Unmanned and why show needless scenes of him ignoring Alicia’s call and heading off somewhere in his car? Were we supposed to be distressed at the idea of Jalicia being no more? Because I couldn’t care less.

Interesting to see Caitlin back, on top form in court, but failing to have it all. But at least she’s moving onwards and upwards, rather than flogging a dead marriage.



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