The Good Wife: Season seven, episode sixteen: Hearing


Surely I’m not the only one who finds Alicia and Jason’s honeymoon phase a bit, well, gross to watch? The sudden rush to throw them together, after so many weeks of build-up, feels like a huge mis-step. Remember Alicia and Will together? The chemistry, the thrills, the soul-searching? Those were the days.

Thank goodness for Veronica and Owen, interrupting a boak-inducing fumble and using their expert powers of detection to sniff out a man in the apartment (a shifty Alicia in her dressing gown at 3pm was admittedly a pretty big clue). The reason for their unannounced visit wasn’t really important – it felt very much like a contrivance to bring them back for one last guest appearance. Sniff.

Meanwhile, Eli and co are still trying to find out what this infernal FBI investigation is all about, now ably assisted by Mike Tascioni and his chihuahua Tom (an assistance dog only in the sense that he assists with the solving of mysteries by barking at the right moment). It’s starting to seems as though this whole grand jury hoo-ha might be nothing to do with election fraud, and everything to do with exactly the kind of corruption charges Peter was fighting at the start of the show. Will he be off to prison again in time for the finale?

Meanwhile, folk are buzzing around Lockhart, Agos and Lee conspiring with each other, despite the fact that we stopped caring ages ago. Does it really matter where everyone’s standing when the music stops? When the Florrick name becomes a hindrance rather than a help to Alicia, in line with Ruth’s prediction, will Diane still be so keen on her girl power plan? I really have no idea what Alicia wants, aside from sex on a Sunday afternoon and a junior sidekick to moan to.


I can’t believe Eli took so long to grab that bin and get his ear closer to the vent – he’s been indulging in exactly this kind of precarious eavesdropping for months!

Which other characters are due a last hurrah before the finale? Is Lemond Bishop still on the go? Will Louis Canning or Nancy Crozier get one last shot at being infuriating? Will Zach sign up Eli to run his very first political campaign? Will Grace sue her mother for that commission she earned but presumably never received?

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