The Good Wife: Season seven, episode fifteen: Targets

elsbethElsbeth’s back! I knew the writers would give her one last hurrah, but I didn’t expect her to be working for Peter. The FBI investigation is cranking up, but no sooner is our spaced-out friend on the case than she’s off it again due to a conflict of interest. Thankfully, she has an equally eccentric lawyer ex-husband who can step in.

I’m still thoroughly confused about the FBI probe, though it’s reassuring to see that Peter and Eli are too. Somehow the FBI know that Judge Schakowsky is in on the vote-rigging, which I hadn’t realised, but given the number of times the phrase “vote-rigging” was uttered in this episode I’m surprised half of Chicago isn’t clued in about that. Alicia doesn’t know, right? Yet Marissa does?

Anyway, Alicia has bigger fish to fry this week as she’s been summoned by the Pentagon to advise on top-secret terrorism business. Her pal from military court is on the case too, at least until he makes him self unpopular and is bumped off it. Things briefly take an excitingly Homeland-esque turn, until Alicia makes reference to Googling the ULTRA TOP SECRET case, a course of action so silly that even Carrie Mathison at her maddest wouldn’t contemplate it, and no-one bats an eyelid. No-one, that is, apart from the NSA agents who are still listening into Alicia’s calls on the flimsiest of premises…

And as if there wasn’t enough going on, in the midst of all this drama there’s some romance. I have to say I was bitterly disappointed with Jason’s seduction routine. What the hell was that? All these weeks of effortless smouldering was leading up to a creepy drink-confiscation/blind kiss routine? Not smooth, dude. Not smooth at all. The spell is broken.


What on earth was Alicia’s weird jacket with the gold leaf splodges about?

How exactly were the CSA monitoring Alicia’s tete a tete with Jason? Do they have her office bugged? And they working in conjunction with the FBI?

What’s all this about an Israel dairy? I’m baffled.

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