The Bank of Mum and Dad is not the solution to Generation Rent’s problem – lower house prices are

It makes little sense for most owner-occupiers to celebrate house price rises … especially if their own children are being locked out of the property market.

Review: BBC3’s Thirteen (all five episodes)

This five-part drama about a young woman who returns to her family about 13 years in captivity is utterly gripping and frequently moving despite the fact that, entirely implausibly, none of the characters in it seem to have heard of Stockholm Syndrome.

Shami Chakrabarti on Human Rights and Dangerous Women (plus one ‘vulnerable man’)

Former Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti delivered a brilliant, thoughtful and funny lecture on human rights and “dangerous women” – but missed the mark at the very end when discussing a “vulnerable man”.

A problem with polling … do you know who your candidates are?

Given how difficult it is to find full candidate lists for the Holyrood election, how much faith can we put in opinion polls that lump the small parties into the “other” category?