Better Call Saul: Season two, episode ten: Klick

klickThe season finale began with a beautiful misdirect and ended with a double-crossed ratfucking of epic proportions.

Just how deep did Chuck’s deception go? Did it start before or after his catatonic state? It absolutely rang false when Ernesto gave Jimmy the alibi he needed, so did Chuck put him up to that too? No wonder the poor guy’s missing the mail room.

I appreciate there was a lot going on, but surely Kim could have stuck up a Gumtree ad for a receptionist after Jimmy’s commercial aired, or expedited the induction of one of her new paralegals? Her character had a supporting role in this episode but the Kim I know would be keeping on top of things at her new firm, not just standing around rolling her eyes indulgently at Jimmy.

Meanwhile, Mike was on a score-settling mission and I can’t be the only one who was entirely convinced this was the beginning of the end for Hector Salamanca. It really did wish the director would stop pointing that barrel right at me – so tense! So deathly quiet! It’s times like this I’m glad I only have a 20″ TV.

It was horrible to see Mike so vulnerable in the desert – apart from anything else, why didn’t he have some Factor 50 and a hat on that dome of his? There’s no point going to the effort of full cammo gear then glowing like a Belisha beacon. And who on earth raised the alarm? I guess human shield Nacho had to be in on it, but he could have avoided this palaver altogether but omitting the “innocent bystander murdered” part of last week’s news report.

So was Mike’s target practice all for nothing, or will his bullet reach its intended target eventually? And what exactly is Chuck planning to do with a tape that catches Jimmy in a trap but also proves that brotherly love conquers all?

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