Better Call Saul: Season two, episode nine: Nailed

nailedOh shit – I did not see that coming. In fact I was just thinking the episode had been a wee bit meh when suddenly the stakes got raised an awful lot higher.

I really didn’t expect that Jimmy would be rumbled. Last week’s late-night visit to the copy shop seemed like the perfect crime, especially given Chuck’s precarious mental state. But rumbled he was, setting the stage for a brilliant three-handed scene where Chuck hoped to play Hercule Poirot and watch Kim gasp as she learned the depth of Jimmy’s deception.

But Kim didn’t deliver. Instead she maintained a poker face before rubbishing a story that by any measure other than “is Jimmy capable of it?” would sound utterly far-fetched. Rhea Seehorn is just getting better and better as the series goes on.  Kim wasn’t messing about when she instituted her “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, but surely it must have its limits? She knows fine well what happened, but 1% of doubt is enough for her to carry on as if nothing did. Even in private she can’t admit to Jimmy that she believes Chuck, hence the coded nature of her warning that he might want to cover his tracks.

Mike, of course, is raising stakes of his own with what he also wrongly thought was the perfect crime – robbing Hector Salamanca’s ice-lolly lorry without spilling a drop of blood. What he didn’t bank on was a kind-hearted stranger getting caught in the crossfire. No sooner has Mike’s face healed than it’s marked with pain and regret, but he surely realised this was a  possibility? Hell, the chances of Hector shooting Nacho in the face were pretty significant. Was Mike’s scheme really only about the money? I’m not sure.


“You can shovel my drive” – crikey, has Mike pulled? I thought initially he was talking in code to the waitress about “snow” flurries, but I guess he really might just be missing the Philadelphia gloom.

Now that we know what the improvised “sprinkler system” was really for, does that make Kaylee an accessory to murder?

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