Better Call Saul: Season two, episode eight: Fifi

fifiThe pathos levels in this episode were almost unbearable. The more Kim smiled and celebrated and made thumbs-up gestures, the more obvious it became that her brand new balloon was about to get popped.

However, just when it seemed the episode was going to be entirely predictable, the writers surprised me with a couple of neat twists and another very enjoyable montage.

I’m still having issues with the Kim and Jimmy teamwork plan. When she inevitably lost the Mesa Verde gig she seemed concerned that Jimmy would get cold feet about their shared-expenses plan, even though that was never conditional on her landing a single mammoth client.

Chuck’s intervention was masterful – I did wonder for a fleeting second if he really was willing to let the business go. The question is, did he pull out all the stops to thwart Jimmy, or was it just good business sense to keep the bank with HHM? Either way, he didn’t bank on Jimmy’s quick thinking and first-rate copy/pasting skills.

Meanwhile, in a series of wordless scenes (including the opening tracking shot of an ice lolly truck crossing the US/Mexico border), Mike is piecing together the dodgy dealings of the Salamanca family. He’s relocated his loved ones but it still feels risky for him to be poking around – can he be sure someone won’t spot him loitering around and start tailing him again?


If the roles were reversed, would Chuck really do the same for Jimmy? I actually don’t think it’s impossible.

All that monkeying around at the airfield was a bit too ridiculous.

What was in the lorry that the border guards (and their sniffer dogs) couldn’t detect?

I fear for the future of the neglected rhododendrons.

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