The Good Wife: Season seven, episode ten: KSR

ksrOh crikey – I absolutely did not see the ending of this episode coming, and was freaked out when the camera zoomed in meaningfully on Eli’s face, which had been contorting into all kinds of new shapes in the preceding scenes.

I can’t help but feel the entire Courtney-Eli romance plot was a contrivance designed to elicit his big confession about deleting that all-important voicemail from Will to Alicia. But actually, was the message really so important? My memory of their relationship was that they were two lonely people seeking connection, but ultimately not compatible in the long-term without the frisson of sneaking around.

Of course, Alicia is entitled to be furious and there is surely no way Eli can rehabilitate himself now, with a mere half a series to go. But I’m not sure this loose end really needed to be tied up, just as I don’t think the truth about the rigged election needs to out.

Meanwhile, the associates have deserted Lockhart, Agos and Lee but it’s not clear how we should feel about it. On one hand Biff, Skipper and co are indistinguishable from each other and may well be cocky shits, but on the other they’ve probably been treated shabbily by their overlords and may well have the same legitimate grievances that led to Alicia and Cary’s betrayal.

I also don’t really know what to make of the is-he-or-isn’t-he corrupt judge and the icky case Alicia and Lucca were defending. It didn’t seem very plausible that the prosecution would be able to talk a mildly deviant truck driver into incriminating himself by stating that his dark-web fantasies were real-life plans to carry out the “KSR” (kidnap, sedate, rape) of the title. It was all very unpleasant, and a far cry from the gentler days of Alicia defending everyone’s favourite wife-murdering S&M enthusiast Colin Sweeney.


Nice misdirect with Jason’s parting gift to Alicia – a book called ‘Why Smart Women Make Bad Choices’ that turned out to be a witness referral, rather than the rude and creepy gesture it first appeared

“It’s weird to be dating a billionaire” says Eli. Trust me, it was even weirder for us to watch.

Diane and Cary sure don’t hold back when giving each other high-fives. They must have had red palms all afternoon

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