The Good Wife: Season seven, episode nine: Discovery

Just you make yourself at home, Jason. I’m sure that’s not an expensive desk.

Uh oh! Ruth’s finally cottoned on to what we’ve known for ages – Alicia and Jason are totally sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G. I’m only surprised she didn’t query why he waltzes on into the apartment/office without so much as a knock, which is surely not standard for a hired hand.

Meanwhile, Monica’s back! The spurned job applicant who caught everyone at Lockhart, Agos and Lee on camera being the racists we already knew they were. She’s offering them a chance at redemption – going after their former client ChumHum for designating black neighbourhoods “dangerous” using its delightfully named Chummy Maps.

ChumHum is now represented by Louis Canning, who shows he has no hard feelings about Lucca trying to poach his clients last week by bringing her on board to make his side look less white. Hurrah! All the old gang, together again in court. And the possibility of a new romance?

Meanwhile Eli’s new girlfriend funds a focus group to secretly test the waters for a Senate bid by Alicia, and the American public sure do seem to like her.

So what’s really going on between Alicia and Jason? Is she lying when she tells Eli she’s not sleeping with him, or just fudging a little because she was in the past but isn’t right now?  Jason is infuriatingly vague on the whole matter, of course, implying he’d like to get cosy with the boss but that his desire for a simple life trumps all. Hmm. I’m not sure his side project investigating Alicia is as damning as it looks, but Eli’s eyebrows suggest I’m being naive.


“Maybe we could expand the discovery,” says Monica. It’s a clever move but my god, so much more tedious work. This is one of many reasons why I could never be a lawyer.

Are there really are still “hard feelings” between Alicia and Lockhart, Agos and Lee -I lost track of all that about three firm reconfigurations ago. Speaking of which, where has David Lee got to? I miss him.

Alicia and Lucca don’t seem to find “dead baby jokes” funny. I would so have loved to see a Good Wife episode based around Cards Against Humanity.

Ouch, a $5k contempt of court fine. Maybe Florrick and Quinn could beg a loan from Grace?

Dance, Cary, dance!

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