The Good Wife: Season seven, episode seven: Driven

drivenThe best bit of this episode was Alicia finally giving Louis Canning the shove he’s richly deserved for so many series. It was neither big nor clever but it happened in the lift, there were no witnesses, and who would believe a first-lady-in-waiting would do such a despicable thing?

I confess I wasn’t gripped by the driverless car case that dominated this episode, and I certainly wasn’t convinced that the self-proclaimed genius behind the technology wouldn’t have entertained the possibility of a hack until halfway through the depositions. But it was an excuse to pit all of our faves against each other, and it set the stage for the shove.

Meanwhile, Vanessa Williams has joined the cast (yay!) as a potential backer of Peter’s campaign – that only snag is that she’s not convinced Peter isn’t another John Edwards, ready to be undermined by a fresh marital crisis. A pretty understandable concern, but her fears are implausibly allayed by fake birthday party gatecrashed by a newly engaged Jackie and Howard. I enjoy the scenes where Peter and Alicia squirm as the older generation make racially insensitive comments. They know better than that, of course – but that doesn’t mean they are any less racist.

It feels a little sneaky that the writers still haven’t filled us in on what’s happening with Alicia and Jason. She’s laughing too hard at his jokes and he’s practically winking at her while saying things like “you’d be surprised by what I get into late at night”, but we still don’t know what happened when he popped in for a drink a few episodes ago. Alicia seems to have her mojo back, telling Peter “sex is sexier without love” during a quickie in the spare bedroom, but it that the result of flirtation with ol’ twinkly eyes, or more?


A mention for Bernie Sanders in this episode – I wonder where he was in the polls at the time of filming?

Alicia’s graduated from wine to tequila. She’s not messing about.

The Democratic Party corruption sub-plot is a bit blah without us knowing what on earth Alicia’s making of it all.

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