Better Call Saul: Season two, episode four: Gloves Off

tuco“I am not the bad guy here,” says Chuck, and you know what? He’s right. He’s also right that Jimmy doesn’t need his brother’s help messing up his law career, as he’s doing pretty well at that all by himself.

We’ve been encouraged to view Chuck as a bit of a pantomime villain up til now, so it’s a little dismaying to realise he’s spot on with everything, including when he tells Jimmy that Kim’s “one mistake was believing in you”. Ouch.

Similarly, we might want the bosses at Davis and Mane to be wowed by the impact of Jimmy’s TV commercial, but this is the real world, so instead they remain utterly horrified by the firm’s name being attached to a cheesy student film project. When he’s cautioned “don’t act like you don’t see the problem here” it’s not clear whether he really does see it. Did he really expect his gamble to pay off, or is he looking for a way out of a by-the-book role he finds suffocating?

Before all this, though, a flash-forward tells us that Mike has taken Nacho’s business but earned a sore face in the process. Tuco surely can’t be dead though, since he has to live long enough to square up to the famous Heisenberg. And how did the unflappable Mike end up getting a pummeling? The answer, of course, is by design. But surely we don’t have to wait five years until Tuco is liberated?



It’s touching to see Jimmy resume his caring role for Chuck without hesitation, in spite of everything.

Is this the end for Jimmy and Kim? Yes, she’s angry because he “made her an accessory”, as Chuck put it, but that’s only part of it.


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