The Good Wife: Season seven, episode six: Lies

florrickWhen we last saw Alicia she was inviting Jason in for a drink – and now her hair is looking suspiciously bouffy. She’s also Chumhumming him, although that isn’t as intimate as it sounds. Is he a sociopath*? I’ve certainly never quite trusted him.

Alicia and Lucca have a brilliantly annoying new opponent in the form of Silicon Valley lawyer Andrea Stevens. Their case starts off pretty simply with a sacking over a dubious polygraph (it’s always so satisfying when evidence is declared “fruit of the poisonous tree” and everyone smiles), but it eventually leads Alicia back to our old friend from the NSA, who’s now hiding out in Iceland.

I’m not sure I believe that the poor man’s Snowdon would subsequently call her back just for a chat, but I’m delighted the agency’s bugging her again. The NSA offices are as anarchic as ever, and despite a legislation change they find an excuse to keep eavesdropping. Hurrah.

Meanwhile, over at Lockhart, Agos and Lee people are behaving like the racists the show has often hinted they are. Howard might drop the most obvious clangers to the black woman he’s interviewing, but the insidious references like “tough” and “sassy” from the others are worse. I figured she wouldn’t take legal action, since she didn’t have the credentials of the white guys they hired, but didn’t see her hidden camera trick coming.

All of this would have been quite enough to make for a strong episode, even without Peter going for broke and announcing he was running not merely for vice-president but for the top job itself. I really wasn’t sure about Ruth’s Obama-parallels photo plan, which seemed cynical and cheesy from the outset and adds weight to my ongoing theory that Ruth might be double (Triple? Quadruple?) bluffing Eli into thinking she’s on Peter’s side while actually trying to ruin Peter’s campaign while simultaneously making it look like the fault of double-agent Eli who’s actually double bluffing Alicia. Or something.

Marissa’s obviously given up trying to unpick all this, but this week Eli’s office-lurking colleague, lady with afro, has a go. “Sometimes to stop the cancer you have to endanger the patient,” says Eli, with a sinister flourish. Nope, I’m still none the wiser. What is the cancer in this analogy? It can’t be Peter’s corruption, since mad scientist Eli didn’t know about that before now.


I loved the way Lucca just sort of went “Whup!” and absented herself when the Jason interrogation got awkward.

*I have heard of The Sociopath Next Door, but haven’t read it. I’m not sure what the judge described sounded like sociopathy though. A sociopath would surely make an excellent defence lawyer, and not be involved in beating up judges.

Eli: “I thought Trump would self-destruct, so what do I know?” Perfect timing.

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