Better Call Saul: Season two, episode three: Amarillo

AmarilloThis episode didn’t quite suck me in like last week’s, mainly because it started with things we’ve seen before: Saul working his magic on pensioners, Chuck throwing a spanner in the works and Kim warning Jimmy he risks being disbarred. Another day, another ethical line crossed, albeit this time we got to see cowboy Jimmy, and very sharp he looked too.

Of course, both Chuck and Kim are right, and Saul has the good sense to change his client recruitment strategy – but he still can’t resist the instinct to play by his own rules. I’m not really clear why he didn’t get approval of his advert from the boss, other than fear it would be binned for setting the wrong tone. Perhaps Kim’s vote of no-confidence was what swung it.

Meanwhile, Mike’s daughter-in-law is feeling unsafe, so Mike pays a visit to his friendly neighbourhood vet-cum-criminal-matchmaking-service. Moral Mike has lines he won’t cross, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I surely wasn’t the only one chanting “Say Gus Fring! Say Gus Fring!” when word came in of a big-money job offer and he asked who had requested him.

Instead, the episode ended as it began, with something else we’d seen before. Nacho, in a tight spot, needing help from one of our faves.

I hope this is the last scolding we hear from Kim, regardless of the fact that everything she says and does is entirely justified. Skylar was justified too, and look how much the viewers sympathised with her when she became a victim of extreme domestic abuse. This doesn’t have to be a zero-sum sympathy game.


  • Isn’t it a bit odd that Mike’s daughter-in-law says she doesn’t want his financial aid but then pushes him towards becoming a hitman by lying? Unless she doesn’t realise she’s lying.
  • I enjoyed the simplicity of Jimmy’s jab at his unhelpful film student: “Does anybody like you?”

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