The Good Wife: Season seven, episode five: Payback

goodwifeI’m watching season seven at UK pace via More4. No spoilers in the comments please!

Thank goodness for Marissa. She’s realised that her dad’s grand plan for revenge is fundamentally flawed and he’s really just hanging around Peter like a puppy dog, waiting for him to have a change of heart.

Unfortunately her efforts at manipulation – despite being learned from the master – don’t work. It doesn’t make much sense for Alicia to just shrug and accept Eli’s refusal to be fired, but his eyebrow work in this episode is so magnificent that I’m willing to overlook the increasingly flimsy justification for his continued presence.

Alicia and Lucca’s partnership gets off to an unpromising start when they take the case of a debt-ridden graduate who’s been ill-served by her for-profit alma mater. There’s quite a lot going on in terms of the issues raised – some of which seems to have been inspired by this expose of for-profit US law schools – but naturally our heroines triumph in the end.

Seriously though – does Alicia want Peter’s campaign to fail? Eli’s move to undermine his David Cameron-style stance on curbing union rights was both transparent and politically embarrassing. It’s one thing for Eli to neglect to give Ruth the heads-up about a potential pitfall, but surely quite another to actively manufacture one.

Of course, Alicia could have given the honest explanation for the apparent discretion between her politics and those of her husband: that she doesn’t really believe in much at all apart from securing her own position and winning cases.

Back at Lockhart, Agos and Lee, Howard and Cary’s feud rages on. I hope it’s going to be put to bed now – it frustrates me to concede that maybe Howard had a point, even if he did plant those props in his own office.

Meanwhile, twinkly-eyed investigator Jason seems to think he’s Liam Neeson. I’m not entirely convinced, but I’m very much in favour of Alicia inviting him in for a nightcap. Hopefully he’s left his crowbar at home…

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