Better Call Saul: Season two, episode two: Cobbler

cobblerWell that escalated quickly. I wasn’t certain about Kim’s feelings for Jimmy after last week’s tequila-fuelled tryst, but her accidental “we” removed any doubt about where she sees their relationship heading. Her half-hearted attempt to play it cool and non-committal afterwards was fooling no-one, but oh, the cup metaphor couldn’t be clearer… they’re not compatible. They’re doomed.

I loved the Jurassic Park-style warning that The World’s Daftest Drug Dealer was approaching Mike in an even bigger and more ridiculous vehicle (“a school bus for six-year-old pimps” – Nacho is my new favourite). And it’s satisfying to see Mike going about his calm, careful business without the dramatics that characterised Walt’s clumsy introduction to the world of Albuquerque drug dealers.

Jimmy’s settling in well at Davis and Main, and somehow managing to pore over Sandpiper contracts despite the mood lighting and musician-in-residence making the place feel more like a lounge bar than an office. Chuck tries to put on a brave face when he learns of his brother’s good fortune, but fails miserably.

Would Saul have entertained Mike’s proposition if he hadn’t just been wrong-footed by his brother’s sudden appearance? Obviously as viewers we want to see him represent The World’s Daftest Drug Dealer – and my goodness, it was worth it – but it seems like he’s determined to prove Chuck right about his lack of suitability for the world of respectable law.

It’s all fun and games until Kim points out the enormity of the risks Jimmy is taking. She’s the voice of reason, and Breaking Bad fans tend not to like women like that, but at this point her influence may be the only thing standing between Jimmy and Saul.


Did that metronome really go kaput, or is Chuck’s mind playing fresh tricks on him?

The day-to-day life of a lawyer seems so tedious. Don’t they have junior dogsbodies to do the grunt work, like in The Good Wife?

If the Hoboken Squat Cobbler wasn’t a thing before, it is now. Glorious.

The title references to Jimmy’s unrivaled ability to cobble together an bullshit story, and perhaps also his status as a craftsman (in contrast to the lawyers who play by the rules).

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