The Good Wife: Season seven, episode two: Innocents

I’m watching season seven at UK pace via More4. No spoilers in the comments please!

What’s the deal with this guy? Too smouldery by half.

OK, so as much as I’m delighted Eli’s still in the thick of it, I’m not sure how plausible this whole destroy-Peter’s-campaign-from-within plan is.

Even less plausible is the idea that fearsome campaign manager Ruth would trust Nora to turn double agent on her old boss, but maybe that was a double-bluff? Or a triple bluff? My head hurts. And God knows what’s the Democratic party shenanigans are all about. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Remember ages ago, during Alicia and Will’s affair, when they were all forced to do some cringe-worthy sexual harassment training? Where was Howard Lyman then? Sleeping in his office with no trousers on, presumably. Cary’s awkward attempts to get in with the young team continue to backfire when they point out that the old duffer needs putting out to pasture. David Lee’s resistance to this is no surprise, but Diane’s fairweather feminism is disappointing and – take that! – she absolutely deserves to be shown up at her Emily’s List meeting. Well played, Cary, well played.

Hooray, Nancy Crozier’s back! I hate her almost as much as Canning. This week’s case is a goodie, addressing thorny issues of art vs pornography, parental rights, consent, the right to privacy and even gender discrimination in the art world. Also, nice use of shock tactics from Alicia and her new friend Luca when they put a paedophile on the stand as a child pornography expert.

This week in Grace Being Great, the gutsy intern forms her own single-member trade union to lobby for better conditions (like a salary) and is also smart enough to know that just because someone talks like Kalinda and styles herself like Kalinda, it doesn’t mean she is The New Kalinda. Quite the opposite, it turns out.

Not-Kalinda’s successor is Mr Crinkly Eyes, who seems incapable of talking – or even sitting quietly – without smouldering very powerfully. He’s clearly not in it for the money, and seems too good to be true. Maybe he’s been hired by Nora at the behest of Ruth who’s secretly working against Peter to destroy Alicia… or something. Anyway, I don’t trust him.


  • I genuinely have “watch It Follows” on my To Do list, on the strength of a Facebook recommendation from a horror connoisseur friend – but it sounds a bit scary to watch alone.
  • Diane’s fashion game is way off tonight.
  • Sadly this is tipped to be the last series of The Good Wife, but wouldn’t it be great if we had a spin-off, Grace Under Fire, in which Grace utterly befuddles everyone in the legal and political world by being both successful and morally impeccable?

What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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