Edward’s first Happy Bunny Club box

I was very lucky to receive a subscription to the Happy Bunny Club, which delivers a box of all-natural rabbit treats every month :-). The box, which handily doubles as a place to sit and eat delicious hay (provided), contains a great mix of treat and so-called “boredom breakers” (I’d say Edward regards the latter moreContinue reading “Edward’s first Happy Bunny Club box”

The Good Wife: Season seven, episode five: Payback

Eli’s continued presence is making less and less sense as the season goes on, while new partners Alicia and Lucca take on the case of a debt-ridden student that end up causing embarrassment for union-basher Peter.

Impossible to ignore: the anti-abortion vigil at Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

There are no shock tactics here, just silent judgment from two men and two women standing in the cold. But their message – “Choose life” – will be seen by all, including those who have had that choice removed from them in a brutally painful way.

How to make a Bunny Palace (Ikea hack rabbit cage)

You will need: MATERIALS 2 x Ikea HOL storage tables 4 x castors wire mesh staples hardboard panel pins lino No More Nails pine strips (14mm x 25mm) pine strips (14mm x 14mm) pine edging strips (14mm x 3mm) 8 x L-shaped brackets 4 x thumb turns 4 x small basic hinges 2 x cornerContinue reading “How to make a Bunny Palace (Ikea hack rabbit cage)”