The Good Wife: Season seven, episode one: Bond

good wife
Every single production shot of this show is photoshopped to within an inch of its life, which is frustrating given how few TV shows are fronted by a woman over 40 who’s allowed to have a real face.

I’m watching season seven at UK pace via More4. No spoilers in the comments please!

It’s back! Kalinda’s gone, Finn’s bottled it and longstanding irritant Canning is somehow not dead yet, but I’m excited to meet some new characters and get involved with the presidential race, which will surely bring with it unlimited potential for Eli to pull every one of his trademark exasperated expressions.

Alicia’s office has improved a lot since the end of last series, Grace is a fantastic intern and Zach is gamely mucking in too, despite having been pretty much disowned by the family last season for the crime of being a loyal and supportive boyfriend.

Peter’s going up against Hillary Clinton! It’s like in Homeland when suddenly the characters entered the real world and started talking about real people. And… we didn’t have to wait long for Eli’s exasperated expressions as Peter’s just fired him. In true Good Wife fashion, in the space of a few seconds teammates have become rivals. EXCELLENT.

The bar attorney Mean Girls are right to be skeptical about Alicia’s abilities. This lawyering lark is a bit harder when you don’t have plenty of time and the services of a sassy investigator sidekick who doesn’t play by the rules. Alicia’s subsequent instant identification of a “lead lamp” seems slightly far-fetched. Who sticks a Post-It on something worth millions anyway?

Cary’s not enjoying the company of the mouldy old fossils at Lockhart/Whatever-it’s-called-today, and with Kalinda gone he’s had to resort to ogling random pairs of legs. Poor Cary. He urgently needs to get acquainted with not-such-a-Mean Girl and let his hair down.


  • Canning’s example about folk bumping into each other in the street doesn’t really work in Britain, where in general both people instinctively say “sorry” regardless of who bumped who.
  • I very much approve of the increased role for Eli’s lady colleague with the afro. And also of Eli’s haircut. I’m less convinced of the merits of his evil-genius plan to get back at Peter, though.
  • Peter’s selling point is “loyalty”? I know season one was a while ago, but I’m not sure everyone’s forgotten the whole sex-with-prostitutes thing.
  • I’m glad Zach’s preposterously good SEO optimisation skills weren’t quite what they seemed.

What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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