Love Actually: The Drinking Game

  1. Create cards (NB see update below for card-creation guidance)IMG_3352
  2. Insert into Christmas pot pourri bowlIMG_3354.JPG
  3. Select a card eachIMG_3357[1].JPG
  4. Happy viewing!Love Actually 2

Download the film:


A trial run of the game yielded the following results:


While Colin does refer to himself in the third person a few times, not many others say his name. Therefore, this card has been replaced by “someone swears”, which is much more common (assuming you are watching the DVD and not a TV edit, in which case the nudity person may also remain disappointingly sober).

People do suggest that Natalie is fat an outrageous number of times, but several other people are also on the receiving end of weight-based comments so this card has been broadened to “fat-shaming” generally. You may also wish to include the “skinny moron” jibe under this heading.

“Sad face” is a tricky one – where to draw the line between sad and pensive, bored or worried? The annoying little boy’s face is tripping him almost permanently.

Buy the film on DVD to watch endlessly and obsessively:

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